I don’t know if you’ve heard the new song Barcelona by Ed Sheeran, but it describes the city in 3 minutes and 11 seconds. Unfortunately, our arrival to the city was less than welcoming but once we settled it was everything I could have wished for. When we got into Barcelona, we thought that our… Read More Bar-the-lona

Andiamo a Italia

I have been looking forward to posting this most because of the incredible adventures and memories that each city brought to me. Italy is probably one of the most diverse countries I’ve ever been in. We learned in our Italian Style class that each city has different types of people, different cultures, foods, and historic… Read More Andiamo a Italia

Ciao Roma

Day Two: Our day started bright and early because we wanted to make sure we got everything done that we wanted to see. We started by looking at all of the ruins on our way to the Colosseum. Since I’d already been to Rome, it was actually quite nice to explain a couple of things… Read More Ciao Roma

Fashion as Art

Our Italian professor took us to a jewelry shop this week which was more about art than actual pieces. The artistcreated these for events and each stood out magnificently. For example, one was a beach made out of metals in a ring. The aesthetic brought together in the piece really showed how unique and different… Read More Fashion as Art