Fashion as Art

Our Italian professor took us to a jewelry shop this week which was more about art than actual pieces. The artistcreated these for events and each stood out magnificently. For example, one was a beach made out of metals in a ring. The aesthetic brought together in the piece really showed how unique and different… Read More Fashion as Art

Viva la Roma!

Unlike Florence, Rome is a lot bigger and dates even further back in history. This city has the perfect mix of metropolitan buzz and a feeling of a city with a twinge of historical cites that take your breathe away. When I arrived to Rome,I was on my own. I explored the Spanish steps and… Read More Viva la Roma!

Reading Week Woes

My picture is from London’s West End. I can’t believe it’s almost christmas! When I first checked my syllabi for three of my four modules here at the University of Sheffield, I realized there was such a thing as a reading week; a week where the departments do not have any classes and is supposed… Read More Reading Week Woes